McAllister Tool & Machine primarily serves the aerospace and defense industries with precision parts that support our troops in the field; however, MTM also provides close tolerance parts for the medical industry; complex interior parts for the commercial and scientific communities; as well as manufacturing highly intricate assemblies and subsystems.

Scope. McAllister Tool & Machine (MTM) provides precision machined and fabricated parts and assemblies to the U.S. Government prime and subcontractors as well as commercial OEMs. Products are manufactured using customer-supplied technical data packages, which include drawings and customer-generated product specifications and acceptance criteria.

Turnkey Solutions. McAllister Tool & Machine has more to offer than just manufactured parts. Whether you are struggling against the clock to produce a product line; trying to launch a new assembly design; or needing supply on-demand, vendor-managed inventory programs, MTM has a turnkey solution to your manufacturing needs.

You can depend on your relationship with MTM. We provide quality parts and assemblies at the lowest cost possible, delivered on time, using the most advanced machining technology on the market today.