Located in Chelsea Industrial Park off Triana Boulevard in Huntsville, McAllister Tool & Machine’s new 13,000-square-foot CNC parts and assemblies manufacturing center provides 3-, 4-, and 5-axis capabilities that allow them to specialize in the milling and turning of precision military and aerospace components.

In the first 3 years in business, MTM saw a 300% growth. Currently working far below their capacity, and prepared for rapid bursts of growth as they strive to expand their capability, MTM consistently adds machines and machining capabilities in order to remain on the cutting edge of manufacturing technology.

The MTM Family

Depending upon demand, MTM runs between two and three full shifts that include:

  • 2 Engineering Programmers
  • 6 Administrative Support Staff including a Quality Control Manager and Production Manager
  • 18 Machinists


2x Mazak Nexus 410A VMCs provide MTM with cutting-edge versatility with up to 20% more productivity. With its X-axis travel of 22", Y-axis range of 16", and Z-axis travel of 20", it has a load capacity of 1,100 lbs. One of the 2 machines provides a 4th axis.

The Mazak Nexus 410B VMM provides powerful 3 to 5 axis high-speed milling with a wide machining envelop. Its X-axis travel of 560 to 762mm, Y-axis range of 410mm, and Z-axis travel of 510mm, has a table size of 43.31" x 16.14".

The Mazak Nexus 50002H has advanced features and a 6th generation CNC system to provide improved machining stability, safer operation, & enhanced, easy operation.

The Mazak Nexus 5th Axis VC is built with a Mazatrol Matrix CNC control and features the simplest, smartest conversational programming, complete with monitoring and diagnostics.

2x Okuma MC-V 4020s have flexible configurations that are quick and responsive with heavy cutting capability including high-speed milling, boring, drilling, and tapping. One of the 2 machines provide 4th axis capabilities.

The Okuma LB3000EX SpaceTurn Lathe is built on high performance standards. It has a 2-axis lathe offering high accuracy with enhanced multi-tasking capacity, built on a high quality box slant bed with a thoroughly tested thermal design. With a ball-screw driven tailstock, along with X and Z rapid traverse rates of 984 and 1,181 ipm respectively. The LB3000EX is equipped with milling capability, a sub-spindle (W), Y-axis, and two spindle sizes, making the machine capable of fitting any application.

The Okuma Crown Lathe with barfeeder is designed to simplify CNC turning operations.

2x Chiron FZ-08 & FZ-08 Magnum with 4th axis have 1.3 S chip-to-chip time. The Chiron FZ-08 and Magnum with 4th axis is the fastest machining centre in its class with a milling capacity up to 60 cm³/min, and a drilling capacity up to Ø 16 mm.

The Tsugami BE20-V Gang-style Swiss 20mm (.787") 20-V series has a full assortment of stationary and driven tool positions, and 5 OD, 3 cross rotary, 4 ID, and 8 back working tool positions. It can be run with or without a guide bushing (in swiss or chucker mode); and has Y Axis Milling with cross rotary tools for complex machining.

The Haas VF9/40 is an 84" x 32" x 30" VMC with a 40 taper, 20 hp vector drive with a 7500 rpm, 24+1 side-mount tool changer; and 600 ipm rapids.

The Makino A51NX Horizontal machining center extends its capabilities with a host of technologies that offer next-generation productivity, accuracy, and reliability. It has larger work envelopes, higher machine strength, and rigidity far beyond levels typically associated with 40-taper machines - plus advanced spindles and axis guide enhancements, which combines to deliver increased speed and precision in larger part applications.

The Haeger 618-Plus Insertion Machine is economical in capacity and versatility due to its 6 ton ram force and 18" throat depth. It is fully hydraulic, equipped with Haeger's patented Safety System; robust hydraulics with in-tank hydraulic filter system; variable dwell timer for use with hard materials; and has an adjustable ram retract position.

The Mori Seiki NL2500MC/1250 CNC Lathe has a maximum turning diameter of 14" and turning length of 51.1". Its maximum spindle speed of 4,000 and rotary tool spindle speed of 6,000 also features the industry’s first built-in motor turret (BMT).